New Mother… Working Mother!

After the initial shock of having a child and finally healing from labor and child birth, it was my absolute pleasure to stay home with my newborn. However, that didn’t seem to last long, by the time my body healed and was ready for some much needed quality time with my son… it was about 6 weeks after. My job was anxious to get me back.

I decided to stay home another 6 weeks (after filing for Short Term Disability) of course, without pay. Obviously, as new parents we don’t have responsibilities and or any bills to pay… right?

Nothing will every give me back the few months with my baby that I spent. It was precious and it was amazing. I learned so much and because of that I feel our bond is unbelievable. My husband says he agrees (which is great in itself).

I feel sad for the women who can’t take that extra time off. Those who spend 6 weeks healing and are going back to work feeling like something is missing. Rest… I assume. For some moms it’s very tricky being away from their newborn baby, especially if you are breastfeeding and pumping. It can feel overwhelming and very lonely.

I wish the Maternity Leave could be a stronger suit in the US, like it is in many countries all over the world and I do hope that changes soon. So that every mother can feel secure and safe at home with their baby, instead of worrying about paying their next bill.



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